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Film and Television 


I offer a variety of teaching and consultation services for writers of all levels. 


I'll carefully listen to you and thoughtfully analyze your project to assist you in targeting areas of concern and articulate possible paths forward.

Idea Conception

Breaking Story

Character Development

Draft Analysis (All Stages - Rough to Shooting)

Pitching - Film

Pitching - Documentary 

Pitching - Pilot and Series

Identifying IP


Pilot Drafts

Series Bibles - Analysis, Drafting and Feedback

Look Books

Pitch Decks

Mood Reels

Sizzle Reels

Please contact me for rate quotes and availabiliy


I will work individually with you to identify and tailor your focus to meet the needs of your existing draft, script, or idea.  Or if you are seeking specialized instruction in the craft of film and television writing, we can explore subjects such as:

The Fundamentals of Story

Breaking Story

Drafting Outlines

Screenwriting Basics

Character Conception

Crafting Dialogue

Film Script Structure

Television Script Structure

Understanding Genre

Revision Strategies

Script Competitions and Festival Opportunities

Script Analysis and Feedback

Hourly Session are billed at a rate of $100

Package Sessions of 4-8 hours receive a 15% Discount

Package Sessions of 8 or more receive a 20% Discount

Session Fees are invoiced prior to first meeting.

Acceptable Forms of payment are credit cards, checks, and cash.

Please contact me for Scheduling or any Questions you may have.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Our work is confidential and defined as consultation, not collaborative.  AWD does not seek acknowledgement, ownership, or credit as a result of our sessions. NDA's happily signed if requested. 

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