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I offer an adaptable variety of services to help professionals and students.

All services available remotely.

Please reach out to me for a 30 minute complimentary consultation at

Audition Preparation


With a practical approach to attain your highest goals, I will help you discover your character and reveal the core motivation in the scenes for your audition. 


We’ll work on the tools you need to stay focused on the work and be in the moment.  

Whether it’s a video submission, live zoom, or in the room - cold read, or prepared material – you will be ready for anything.

Scene Study


Keep your skills and your instincts sharp. We’ll work together with your scene partner to choose material and characters that challenge you and push your range.

Monologue Study


Explore the characters you want to play, or prepare for roles that play to your strengths. By immersing in the monologue, we’ll refine your approach to character.

Camera Technique


The camera is the unseen character that the best actors know how to play with, keeping it invisible and the performance intimate.  We’ll use an approach that is both technical and organic to develop the tools to best serve you attain this balance.

Please contact me for scheduling, rates, and any questions you may have.

Session Fees are invoiced prior to first meeting.

Acceptable Forms of payment are credit cards, checks, and cash.

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