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A Simple Approach

to Giving Unforgettable 


Public Speaking can be daunting.  I'll make it fun.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to persuade your audience to take action.

Working together, we'll create a comprehensive, integrated approach to mastering communications that is specifically tailored to your professional strengths, needs, and goals.

You bring a rich history and unique perspective to your life and career.

My approach is personal and practical.  First, by listening to you to fully understand

your business, your ideas, your vision.  Who you are.

I understand that each project and it's intended audience presents its

own unique challenges.

We'll develop and strengthen your core skills that will allow you to share your ideas in a clear, compelling, and completely authentic way.


You will learn to stay in the moment, think on your feet, and inspire who you are speaking with to take the action your project requires.

As a Juilliard trained actor, writer and director working in film, television and theater, as well as guiding leading business professionals, I keenly understand what it takes to capture and hold an audience's attention, deliver compelling ideas that emotionally resonate, and inspire your audience to action in any setting or environment.

These are skills that you can learn and make work for you.

Remote Sessions available upon request.

Nicholas Sadler

To learn more about Nick, follow this link.

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation to learn more about what I can do for you and your company.  

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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