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Pitch Decks

Shared with permission of writer and producing team of PUBLIC EMILY

The Pitch Deck has become an essential tool for film and television professionals.


An effective pitch deck successfully introduces your project in an emotionally powerful and visually exciting way to producers, executives, agents, managers, investors, and talent.  It allows them to see and feel the story, enriching the experience of reading your script.  You are giving your reader a comprehensive understanding of the potential of your project being produced.  It can inspire them to take action.

What I Do

I'll carefully study your script and in close consultation with you, identify the heart and core strengths of your project.

I will then draft the copy and produce a dynamic visual design that will create an engaging user experience that perfectly captures the emotion, tone, and characters of your story that demonstrates your unique vision.

Standard Elements Included in Your Project's Pitch Deck:

Key Art

Title Page

Log Line/Hook





Time Period

Producing Team 

Key Crew

Key Creatives 

Budget Top Sheet  

Revenue Projections 

Market Assets

Director's Statement

Writer's Statement

Producer's Statement

Art Direction

Visual References



Casting Inspiration/Suggestions

Comparable Projects



Depending on what stage your project is at, some of these elements may not be needed.

If you have additional elements you believe are key to your project, I will incorporate those as well.

My mission is to produce for you a Pitch Deck that expressly illustrates your project's vision and goals.

Delivered in PDF Format.

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your project needs and how I can help you.

Please follow this link to view a selection of my work samples.

Click on Image to see our selection of our work

Our work is confidential and defined as consultation, not collaborative.  AWD does not seek acknowledgement, ownership, or credit as a result of our services. NDA's happily signed if requested. 

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